Offer the bereaved the world's most innovative digital notification- and memorial solution.

Memcare supports your funeral home offering the best digital user experience and solution for the bereaved.

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Memcare offers our solutions to the entire funeral industry


Memcare is an exciting partner that sees new ways to solve both today's and tomorrow's challenges. The funeral industry is a bearer of tradition at the same time as it needs to be constantly ready for new challenges. In recent years, and especially during the corona pandemic, the industry has developed towards digitization which makes Memcare’s approach and solutions very interesting and rewarding to use.

Jacob Håvelsrud Svarre
CEO, Innlandet Funeral Home (Norway)

Al-Khidmat Funeral Home finds Memcare very flexible, adaptable and trustworthy. I like that Memcare is so flexible and that they adapt quickly to the customer's needs. They are agile and not very bureaucratic. The solution itself is always tailored to the needs of the industry, such as participant registration.

Ghulam Abbas
CEO, Al-Khidmat Funeral Home (Norway)

Thanks to establishing cooperation with Memcare, I have the opportunity to offer my clients an innovative and very useful solution.

Slawomir Wierzbicki
Owner, Slawomir Wierzbicki Funeral Home (Poland) 

This is how Memcare works

Our notification service Funeral planner Video streaming Beautiful Memorial page Useful Step-by-step guides

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Our unique notification service

Notify friends & family instantly using text messages, e-mail and share the memorial page in social media.

Upload contacts from your mobile phone.
Let invitees suggest other people that should be invited.

Keep track of who is informed and make sure everyone knows about the funeral beforehand.

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Memcare Funeral Planner

Memcare’s unique planner makes it easy to manage the guest list and receive confirmation from attendees.

Most of our funeral home clients are affected by COVID-19. Our memorial page solution includes attendance registration to help funeral homes adhere to local regulations.

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Live Streaming Funerals

Help the bereaved attend the funeral and pay their respects without meeting physically.

Video streaming can be set up with your current / external provider or handled by a Memcare partner.

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Create a beautiful memorial page

Quickly and easily create a personal, beautiful digital memorial page for the deceased.

Visitors can easily send condolences, share memories and remember the one who has passed away with pictures, video, timeline, text contributions or poems and much more.

Most important: the bereaved has full control over the contents of the memorial page.

Visitors can buy flowers and make donations.

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Useful Step-by-step guides

Helps the dependent solve practical tasks such as removing online profiles, social media, e-mail accounts and much more.

Easy start-up Why sign up with Memcare? Flower sales and
additional services

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Memcare will then contact you directly to set up the system and follow you up so that you are ready to start offering Memcare.

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Why use Memcare?

Experience increased customer satisfaction and revenue boost from day one.

Memcare supports your funeral home offering the best digital user experience and solution for the bereaved.

Beautiful memorial page feed on your funeral home's website.

The industry's most innovative technology partner. We want to create success for your funeral home, both in the short and long term.

Free help with integrations and support.

No complicated agreements – no obligation, hassle-free solutions and easy start-up (no training is necessary).

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Increase the funeral home's income

The Memcare team helps you integrate your local flower shop so that your funeral home can quickly increase revenue from flower sales.
This also applies to other services that are adapted to each individual funeral home customer.

* Memcare is offered at no cost for the funeral home and bereaved. Memcare only charges a 10% fee on flowers sold directly through the memorial page (this includes all transaction costs).

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