All-In-One Funeral Home Solution

Memcare deliver what funeral homes wants: stable and easy-to-use, online digital funeral home management (CRM tailored for funeral homes) as well as modern memorial pages and notification tools for the bereaved, connecting everyone involved in the funeral.


Memcare is the only solution
funeral homes needs in daily operation

  • Process Management

  • Supplier & Order Management

  • Transportation Management Logistics for Hearse/limousines & personell

  • Obituary and Booking System
    Service Booklet Editor

  • Webshop/Flower sales

  • Customer registration

  • Ceremony Management

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  • Business Intelligence / Reporting, statistics, analytics and forms

  • Modern Communication tools for easy communication with the bereaved

  • Notification service &

    Memorial page

  • Video streaming of the funeral

  • Funeral planner & Step-by-step guides

  • Open API


Offer the most innovative digital notification- and memorial page solution.

A cutting-edge solution for the bereaved who have lost a loved one. Helping them notify family and friends, create and share a beautiful memorial page, video streaming of the funeral, easily organize and plan the ceremony, cancel online subscriptions and deactivate social media profiles and much more.

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