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This Funeral Trend Changes How People Are Notified After the Loss of a Loved One

In many countries, it is still common to publish obituaries in the newspaper. In communities where the funeral takes place as quickly as possible, traditional obituaries are not fast enough and relatives will normally call only the closest family members and let “word of mouth” take care of the rest. Sharing the news on social media such as Facebook is also an option, but many relatives feel that unfortunately they lose control here.

Online memorial pages have begun to become more common in some countries, but you still have to inform people in a timely manner.

The challenge with today's solutions is that family and friends are not notified quickly enough to attend the funeral and it is hard to know who has been notified and who has not.

New solutions in the funeral market set out to solve this in a more accurate, efficient and smarter way. Smarter solutions help relatives save money, stress and spend more time on what is important to them during the grieving process.

Memcare provides a unique notification service making it easy to immediately notify family, friends, and colleagues, and automatically keep track of who has been informed, and keep control of who has access to the information.

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Become a Memcare Partner?

Memcare will launch its services in the United States and Europe in 2018. Memcare offers funeral homes more satisfied customers by delivering the best solution in the market, increasing their revenue with Memcare's creative solutions and cutting costs through efficient and tailor-made solutions. Memcare has no set-up fees or complicated agreements.

Contact CEO Lars Martinsen lars@memcare.com or fill in this form and we will contact you shortly.


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