Does your funeral home need new IT solutions?

Does your funeral home need new IT solutions?

Here are 5 signs that indicate a serious need for digitization and new IT solutions for your funeral home.

It is a challenge for many funeral homes to stay up to date and informed on the latest IT solutions. Many funeral directors will say they have IT systems “that work”, even though employees, customers and relatives may have a different opinion.

Many IT systems are becoming old-fashioned and difficult to replace.Becoming trapped with an old and outdated solution can be very dangerous for your funeral business.

Modern technology can provide great competitive advantages through automation, streamlining, simplification and enhanced overview.
Good solutions help you have more effective processes, so you can focus on running the funeral business. They should be a business driver for growth, better results, and satisfied clients and employees.

There are still, unfortunately, many examples in the industry of funeral homes that still use old-fashioned and ineffective solutions. Are you one of them?

Signs that your funeral home needs new IT solutions:

  1. Your current IT solution is not cloud based. You need to have special software running locally or physically in your office to do your work.
  2. You use Excel sheets and word templates for everything from staff planning to customer registrations.
  3. Your funeral home office is full of papers and documents.
  4. Clients and relatives are complaining that response time is too long.
  5. Clients and relatives must physically go to your funeral home office, or call to do even the smallest tasks.

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, we recommend that you continue reading.

Cloud-based solutions

Your funeral home should have a cloud-based system which can be accessed via a web browser on any device (PC/tablet/mobile) connected to the internet. It is also possible to directly interact with customers.

A cloud-based system does not require installation, and you do not need to consider either data retention (own servers), updates or upgrades. Instead of purchasing software licenses, you pay for the access to the software, and you may pay regular prices per month per user.

It's about getting IT delivered to your funeral home as a service, dynamic and flexible.

To help you be one step ahead, Memcare offers a complete cloud-based system for your funeral home. Memcare solutions are easy to set up, with low costs - probably even less than what you pay today - and makes it easier to get more satisfied customers and earn more.

The Solution

Memcare Partner is a complete innovative cloud-based (SaaS) IT solution tailored for funeral homes and funeral directors. Memcare Partner is the only IT solution funeral homes need for their daily operations. The solution manages everything from customer registration, orders, publishing of obituaries, online store and flower sales, application manuals, billing, administration and staff planning, and much more.

Memcare Partner also includes the solution, Memcare Notify, which is a cutting-edge solution for relatives who have lost a loved one to help them notify family and friends immediately. Relatives can easily organize the funeral, create and share a memorial page and take care of the deceased's left behind online presence using Memcare.

Our solutions are GDPR compliant and provide an open API that easily integrates with external services/systems. With Memcare Partner and Memcare Notify we offer your funeral home one of the funeral industry's most innovative and powerful IT solutions.

With Memcare, our customers choose the modules and how they want the solution tailored to suit the funeral home needs.

Interested in hearing more about how we can help your funeral home?

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