3 Tech Solutions Helping Your Funeral Home Handle the Digitization Age

3 Tech Solutions Helping Your Funeral Home Handle the Digitization Age

New technology makes it possible to do things in completely new ways – ways that are better, faster, cheaper, and more customer friendly. Today's customers pose entirely different requirements than just a few years ago and have challenged the entire funeral industry.

There is a huge wave of digitization happening in many industries, including the funeral industry. Technological change is faster than ever before, and new technology is gaining an ever-increasing market penetration. “Everyone” is turning digital with buzzwords like AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of Things), and with new digital infrastructure, big data, automation and new products, there is a technological revolution happening.

Alongside changes in technology come dramatic changes in business models. We are talking about a complete digital transformation, which makes it possible to do things in completely new ways. New solutions are much better, cheaper, faster, more customer friendly, and more efficient than ever before.

In the publication "The changing landscape of disruptive technologies", KPMG gives a perspective on new global technology trends. KPMG has interviewed nearly 100 senior executives in global technology companies as part of the CEO Outlook 2017. They say that their main strategic priorities in the future are faster market penetration (30%), business digitization (24%), deployment of disruptive technology (23%), and drive innovation (23%).

The average life expectancy of companies on the US index S&P 500 has changed significantly over the last century. In 1935, companies had a lifespan of 90 years. In 1955, this was halved to 45 years, and in 1992 it was reduced to 22 years. Today, life is under 15 years.

“Things happen so fast now, it seems everyday something new and innovative is being presented. The funeral homes in danger are those that are unable to adapt to the new conditions.”

Today's Customers Require More

In today's digital world, we use the internet to solve problems or face challenges in many different ways. At the same time, the internet and new technology provide exposure to common experiences across borders. Digitization also changes how customers will relate to funeral homes.

Technology-oriented customers require better and more personal solutions. This results in funeral homes having to come up with new business models, becoming far more flexible in their operations, offering new and innovative products and services, and delivering a personal and engaging customer experience. The digital approach involves more than just giving customers a good experience when they contact your funeral home or homepage, it really permeates everything the business is doing.

Your funeral home should offer good digital solutions to give current and future customers a successful customer experience.

3 Tech Solutions Required for Funeral Homes to Meet Current and Future Customers

  1. Digital notification solutions that help your clients notify family and friends immediately when a loved one passes away (newspaper obituaries are too slow and expensive)
  2. Digital Memorial page, a place where family and friends can honor and remember those who have passed away. Available on all kinds of devices.
  3. Social Media deactivation, helping dependents close the deceased's social media profiles, email accounts, bank accounts, and more.

The digital transformation is never finished. In order to stay up to date, you need to continuously improve and provide new services. Memcare offers cost-effective and leading technology products and services tailored to your funeral home. We are constantly developing in order to ensure we offer the best services for our customers, relatives, and their families. By choosing the right technology partner, your funeral home can quickly deliver the customer experience today's customers expect and deserve.

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