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In this section you will find frequently asked questions and answers to them, you can also contact us using the chat box in the bottom right corner or send us an email on


Yes, you can add a short text to the flowers on a ribbon or note which will be delivered together with the flowers.
Click the "Order flower" button on the memorial page, select delivery information and flower type(s), payment is made by credit card.
Payment is made with a credit card
Delivery time depends on the florist and suppliers/ forwarders, but in general flowers will be delivered within 48hours, or in time for the ceremony if delivery to the ceremony is selected.


Technical backups are automatically done continuously. Updates of our system are made on average twice a month and are immediately available to users.
If you don’t remember your password you can change it here.
The Memcare platform is available in English, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish & German - if you need it in another language feel free to contact
In order to learn more about our services and pricing, please contact us:

Memcare Notify

Ceremony locations are displayed on with a map when the location is entered, and visitors can easily find the route with their mobile navigation.
There is a several automatic texts and helpers with examples guiding you through the system.
To delete or deactivate memory page please contact our Support Team via chat function in the bottom right corner of the page or send an email to
The memorial page will be available until the owner/administrator deactivates it.
You can send maximum two condolences per day.
You get access to Memcare Notify via an email or sms sent to you by the funeral home.
The funeral home will send you a link in a sms or email to create your account.
Please check that you are trying to upload an image or video file, if you still fail please contact our support team in the bottom right chat or email
Please contact the funeral home directly, Memcare support-chat in the bottom right corner or email
Yes the administrator can easily give or withdraw the access to another person on the notification list.
You can write a personalized tribute on the memorial page, we also provide guides that can help you with examples of what to write.
The limit for photos is 56MB, if you have a larger image please resize it before uploading.
Administrators can add/edit & delete pictures/videos. Visitors can upload suggestions, that need to be approved by the administrator before they are published.
After sending notifications you can see who has received the message, who has read and most importantly who has not under "start" on the memorial page.

Memcare Partner

Memcare Partner is tailor made for each country providing the necessary documents in easily available and printable PDF documents.
Training can be done remotely, via video or telephone.If you need more information please contact us: /
Memcare Partner platform is cloud-based-solution, meaning you dont need to pay for installing or maintaining servers, Memcare takes care of this for you. Our team will work with you during the setup-process to make sure your system is set up and configured for your needs.
You can correct the invoice by making a credited note if necessary create a new document.
Click the Create New Memorial page link and fill in the basic information for the memorial page and customer, then click the "REGISTER NEW CUSTOMER" button and the memorial page is created. Then press the "Send login information" button and the customer receives a SMS or email with login information.
Training can be done on-site. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us on email
A startup training for Memcare Patrner and Memcare Notify usually takes about 3-4 hours. If you have any questions after the training, we are at your disposal and you can contact us by phone, email and messenger on our website.